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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
August 26, 2014 3:45 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

You might get the idea we’ve been doing some travelling from the title of the post.  I could also add in nine states, but that didn’t fit in with the nice 3-4-5 progression of the title.  Why all the travel? The start of new cadet week at college for Alex at VA Tech.  He’s the fourth generation of the family to go there and both his Grandfather and Great Grandfather were cadets there.  Grandpa was even in the regimental band, which AlexNew Cadet is doing.  “It’s the most fun week I never want to have again,” Alex told us when we picked him up for the one night break before starting classes.

I suspect we’ll hear more in the weeks ahead about difficulties, so please pray for Alex as he adjusts from being a senior at a very very good and very very small school run by our mission to a freshman and, arguably, the lowest form of life in the military universe (new cadet) at a HUGE school (VA Tech is somewhere around 30,000 students).