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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
August 31, 2013 2:20 pm
Published in: Flying

This would make a really cool pop-up book, I thought. Doro, ROSSDSC_0081









Here’s the fuel service at Doro.  Delivery is occasionally an issue if the donkey goes on strike.



Other fueler in Doro


The next picture down is the other Doro fuel service. We were a bit delayed when the tractor wouldn’t start.  That’s Jerry Hurd pumping gas.






Next is flying from Doro to Nasir.  That huge thunderstorm had clouds right down to the ground. Fortunately it stayed a few miles off to the west and 20130821_160107I was able to get into Nasir.  If the storm had come over , no Nasir, and probably no for about a week so the runway would have turned to goo.  MAF recently had a plane get stuck there for about 3 weeks.  Stuck as in stuck in the mud stuck.  Nasir, when went, turns into the gooiest, stickiest glop you have ever seen.








Of course, the beauty of airplanes is that you get to soar with the eagles sometimes, above the weather and clouds like I did coming back home from South Sudan…..


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