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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
August 7, 2013 5:06 am
Published in: Uncategorized

I’ flew out of Arua last Saturday, the 27th of July, down to Entebbe to pick up the body of a Congolese pastor.  He’d gone to Kampala for medical treatment but in the end succumbed to his illness (I never did learn what it was ).  Sunday I was to fly the body and the brother-in-law to Bunia and then on to Kisangani.  Saturday night, however, I got a call from the brother in Law.  “I am at the mortuary, they will not release the body until we pay the rest of the fees.  We’re getting the money wired on Monday.”

We arranged to do the flight on Tuesday, since on Monday I was flying to  South Sudan.  So, Sunday after church back up to Arua. Monday off to Sudan and back.  I ended up back in Entebbe so we could get an early start on Tuesday (it’s a long way from Entebbe to Kisangani).   Loading the casket took about an hour and a half…it almost didn’t fit in the plane.  We made it to Bunia, and there we stopped.  The weather, as the song goes, “was frightful.”  There was a huge system of thunderstorms across central DR Congo.  No one was flying.  MAF had a plane go from Bunia to Nyankunde (15 miles) and stop there, unable to go on and unable to return.  I parked the airplane.  We made arrangements to meet the following day, and I went to find some where to spend the night.

The weather wasn’t great on Wednesday but it was far far better than the previous day.  The flight to Kisangani went smoothly.  It took an hour and a half on the ground to get through everything…the flight back to Bunia was smooth also, but about an hour on the ground to get the paperwork done.  Then home.  So on Wednesday I finished the flight started on Saturday.

It always takes longer than it takes.

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