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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
December 8, 2012 12:45 pm
Published in: Flying

Seems to be the theme for the last couple months.  This is good, however, since it was the point of moving to Arua in the first place.  Flights to Congo, flights to Central African Republic, flights to South Sudan.  Monday I’m off flying again, to  Congo and C.A.R.

I’ve rediscovered the joy of flying after driving to and then from Nairobi at the beginning of November.  Two days there, two days back a week of meetings in between.  Getting there was not half the fun.  I was delayed every step of the way…a flight was delayed two days which meant my driving departure was delayed two days. I finally was able to leave Arua about 11 on Friday the 9th of November,only to get an hour down the road and realize I’d left important papers at the house.  Sigh.  On the road again, about 12:30 now.  Get past the next town and get caught in a speed trap. 2km/hr over the speed limit.  Go back to the town (10km back) to the bank, pay the fine….  The next day things went better until I got past Eldoret.  Stopped for 2 hours because the road was closed after a huge accident.    So I make it to Nairobi Saturday night for the meetings that started on Friday.  Oh well.

Tuesday was fittingly the 13th.  Malaria decided to ambush me again.  This time however, there was no chance to rest and let the drugs work.  Plus the strain I had seemed to be resistant to the normal treatments.  So I got to deal with malaria for the rest of the week and the drive back to Arua. Fortunately Mike and Ana Palmiter were with me on the drive, and Mike did most of the driving. They came to check Arua out with an eye to moving here.  Mike’s our newest AIM Air pilot and in the 2 1/1 weeks they were here he racked up 45 hours as we got him route checked into Congo and CAR, and as he did his first solo operational flight with AIM Air into Congo.  Mike did great.  Our first stop out bush in Congo was Ango, where we got hassled by an unknown government official who said he would ‘control the flight’ (right….)  and then got to watch as another government official, this one known to our passengers, lit into the first guy and chewed him out, up one side and down the other.  Very educational.  Mike’s second solo flight was Arua to Entebbe to Bunia and back. But he went to start the airplane and found the battery had gone flat.  He managed to complete the flight, with help from the German missionaries of Diguna who charged the battery, and MAF Uganda who got us a new battery.  Off into the deep end for Mike.    He did great and I really look forward to he and Ana coming back full time to Arua.

Sometimes the old cures are best.  since my malaria wasn’t responding to the usual artemethrin drugs the doctor set me up with quinine via IV. I’m not keen on the side effects…dizziness, metallic taste, hearing impairment (it was like having your ears filled with water or something).  But.  The malaria is gone. Hallelujah!  And within a day the side effects were gone as well. It’s great being healthy again.

So now that I’m healthy, it’s fly fly fly.

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