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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
October 13, 2012 4:58 am
Published in: Uncategorized

Time does fly. I could have sworn I posted last month, but looking at the blog, I see I did not.  Where did September go?  August was busy, with the move to Arua and then getting Alex and Beth to Rift Valley Academy (RVA).  Alex is in his junior year, back for his third year at RVA.  Beth is just starting her first term at RVA and is a freshman.

Beth’s first email from RVA was classic.  “Mom can you send my game boy and my sewing kit.”   Sounds like “Mom, send money.”  The only complaint we’ve heard from her is that there’s a lot of school work. Well, of course there is.  We just got back from Nairobi and their mid-term break.  We had a good visit with Alex and Beth.

September…I did AIM Air’s first operational flight from Arua in September, flying some folks from World Gospel Mission to Rumbek and Tonj in South Sudan.  Please pray for South Sudan.  They are struggling with what it means to be a new sovereign nation. Please pray for AIM Air as we help other missionaries and the church to minister there.  We are currently struggling with the issue of flight permissions, and getting very conflicting answers from the various officials. The flight to Rumbek and Tonj, though, went very well.

Arua airport.  We’re the first plane based here and the people who work at the airport as incredibly pleased to have their own plane.  They have made it very easy for us, and have been very welcoming. I’m looking forward to getting the Caravan here in November and watching the reactions when they have TWO planes at Arua.  I have to to the airport today and pay landing fees. Our Lokichogio plane was through, and in a rush, yesterday so Jerry asked me to take care of his paperwork and fees for him.  Susan and Samantha and I returned from Nairobi yesterday, in the rain, and found that our usual parking area is a swamp when it’s raining.  I also need to look at a better parking area and talk to the manager about that.

The end of September saw lots of flying.  I flew over 40 hours in the space of two weekends.  The church in Congo and Central African Republic were having a conference to provide trauma counseling training to a number of the pastors in the region.  I got to fly the pastors from the villages to Zemio for the conference.  Arua to Isiro (Congo) to Zemio, and then to Djema to pick four pastors, back to Zemio, to Obo for another four, Mboki for another four, Rafai for four more and Rafai again for yet four more.  Then back to Isiro and return to Zemio with a Bible college student and his family, and then back to Arua. repeat the following weekend, with a trip Banda on the way in to pick up another Bible college student and bring he and his family to Zemio.  I felt rather like a ping pong ball in all that….back and forth back and forth.

September also brought the Uganda flight program some help!   Tim Carpenter came over for about 3 weeks to provide admin and logistics support. He and his wife, Debbie, will be moving here later this year or early next year.  Tim will help with admin, maintenance on the planes, and logistics.  He got an incredible amount of work done while here this last month.  One of the bigger projects he finished was a well made path from our fuel container on the airport to the ramp. We no longer have to take the fuel drums across a four wheel drive track to get them to the plane.  A huge help.  We also started a Bible study at the airport, which Tim took over and ran. The first one was four of us, the next was ten, and the last couple weeks were 15 in attendance. We’re working through Psalms. We start there, then end up all over the Bible…the gospels, revelations, Samuel…. You never know where you’ll end up.