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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
June 5, 2012 1:59 pm
Published in: Ground

This might also have appropriately been titled “The Gypsys” or perhaps “On the Road Again,” or “The Great Migration.”  Do you get the impression we’ve been traveling?  April was up and down the east coast, arriving in Omaha in May.  May was pretty stable. We stayed in a furnished apartment here in Omaha while getting re-acquainted with the area and especially with all our friends in the area from church and the aero club at Offutt.  A common thought pretty much throughout May was “I know that person, but what’s his name?”  Susan kicked off the rounds of talking to Bible study groups and the church in general by talking to the United Methodist Women the day after we got to Omaha. Figuring out what to say to groups like the UMW and other studies is tough, and what to show them. It’d be easy just to go through picture after picture after picture.  Boring. Both for us and for the people we’re talking to.  Picture are certainly valuable. The trick seems to be find a few pictures that tell the story of what it is we do.   A picture of the front yard of the house in Entebbe allows us to talk about our living conditions.  The picture let us tell the story about Susan and our neighbor Renee helping one of our guards’ wife through the delivery of their daughter, and talk about Sam doing her homework on the roof of the guard shack.  A picture of the caravan parked at Banda was a good segue into talking about weather and flying conditions and what a typical day of flying entails.   A picture of the village gathering to welcome home a boy and young woman who’d escaped the LRA gave us an opportunity to talk about the LRA and to ask for prayer.

Of course, our time in Omaha is also taken up with other things.  Alex and Jay went to the Appleseed shoot in Grand Island NE.  Alex also received his real 16th birthday present, a Ruger 10/22 rifle, which was put to good use at Appleseed.   The gift and the shoot pretty much made Alex’s month.  Today he’s off at (egad) driver’s education.  Yep, we got him his learner’s permit when we got to Omaha and he’s learning to drive.  Alex and Jay drove down to Lincoln (Jay drove, to be specific.  Alex has to finish the course first.) Monday to find out about ROTC. One of our supporters is the AFROTC commander at University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  That was a good visit, they learned lots and it looks like a strong contender for Alex’s next move after finishing high school.

Beth has been preparing to start at Rift Valley in August. She’s pretty excited about it, in her low key way.  She’s enjoyed the shopping involved with getting ready for RVA, and spent the other afternoon sewing name labels on clothes.

Samantha has been flitting around, as normal. It took her about a day to find friends in the apartment complex when we got to Omaha. Today she’s off to the Omaha City Parks summer program for kids: a day of mine field, soccer ball frisbee, ladder golf and balloon volleyball.

So…home assignment goes well. We’re looking forward to getting back to Uganda and what comes next…a move to Arua and opening an AIM Air base there to serve the missionaries in Sudan, Congo and CAR.

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