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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
March 26, 2012 11:29 am
Published in: Uncategorized

Wow.   Made it.  The last month has been a huge race against time.  We’ve been very busy flying and I’ve been going crazy trying to get Arua ready to base a plane.  On that front I succeeded about as well as I’d hoped…fuel container is in place, we have a house there, and only a little work to do on it before it’s ready to move into.

Flying has been challenging.  More to the point, the officials in congo have been incredibly difficult.  One of our planes was delayed overnight by the officials questioning paperwork (cadging for money really), another of our pilots was harassed for a couple hours, and when Kinshasa was called the local officials were asked, essentially, “what in heck are you harassing this guy for?”  I spent two weeks flying in Sudan, from Juba.  That went pretty smoothly once I got out of Juba. It’d be nice if you could understand the guy in the tower.  Hemumblesandslurseverythingtogether.  You know it’s bad when the African pilots are asking him to repeat things because they can’t understand him.  Oh, and it was 105 degrees IN THE SHADE  in Doro where I spent an overnight. On the plus side, I had a great time flying.  We’re helping feed the hungry, and we’re enabling the preaching of the gospel in places that you just can’t get to without an airplane.

I’m also looking at all the furor over Invisible Children.  Yes, we have flown them.  We do not financially support them…in fact they pay us for the use of the airplane.  I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.  The situation is NOT complicated.  Yes it’s more detailed than their half hour video portrays, but what do you expect from a video?  However, the situation really is quite simple.  The LRA and its leader Kony are evil.  Good men should  take steps to stop them…the LRA has prospered quite long enough. The full solution will not be simple, granted…destruction is always simpler than healing, but the first step is stopping the LRA.

But, for me, that’s in a few months.  We’re all in the US on home assignment now.  Time to rest, visit family, do some recurrency training, visit friends, tell our churches and supporters what we’re about.  Lots of driving ahead: NC, MA, NC, VA, OH, NE, AL and probably a few other states.  I’m looking forward to it.