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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
July 14, 2011 5:04 pm
Published in: Flying,Ground

Airplanes get them too.  My last day working for Suburban Air Freight in Omaha, in fact, I got to fix a flat tire on a Caravan at Omaha’s Epply airport, in the freezing cold. It was early December 2006, and in the single digits Fahrenheit.  I had to get in the truck every few minutes to warm my hands back up.

The flat tire I had last week in Obo C.A.R. was, possibly worse.  We eventually got it fixed, but it was almost a $1500 event.  In the process of patching the tube, which had developed a hole right at the base of the valve stem, I removed and replaced the tire something like 4 times.  After getting the tire patched, I flew back to Zemio (where we enter and exit the country).  AIM Air used to have a plane based there in Zemio, and so we still have some supplies. Including a new old-stock tire and tube of the right size!  So I replaced the tube, changing the tire yet again.

Practice does make perfect. Or at least faster.  The first tire change took me about 45 minutes.  The last one took about 15, not including working the little bicycle pump we use to inflate the tire. The last tire change in Obo took place during a rain storm, I should add.  I got filthy.  Just ’cause it’s an airplane doesn’t mean you stay clean.

If we, and I say we because I was talking to the maintenance department back in Nairobi getting advice on the issue, hadn’t been able to get the tube fixed, the next option was to fly one up.  Thus the $1500 event.  Fortunately, we didn’t have to.

Other than the tire, the trip went smoothly. The tire was quite adventure enough.

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