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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
October 21, 2010 4:51 am
Published in: Flying

September was fairly quiet, flying wise, I think I only flew about 20 hours. October, so far has been busy. I’ve flown almost 40, and will probably do another 10 or more before the month is out. The flights have all been pretty routine, though a couple have been interesting.

On the 6th of October I flew AIM’s eastern region director, and most of the AIC bishops to Kalokol, Lokori, and Lodwar up in north Kenya to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the AIC Mission Board. We visited churches that had been started by AIC MB pastors and the bishops met with and encouraged them in their work. These are some very remote, difficult places, very hard to penetrate with the gospel. The pastors will often go years with little evidence of success. Pray for them, and for the Turkana, Pokot, and other tribes in the area that they will receive the gospel.

Another interesting flight was to Tanzania. We don’t fly a lot in TZ anymore, and last Saturday I flew to Kigoma, way over in southwest TZ, on the shore of Lake Tanganyika, then down to Mahale, and from there to Mwanza, and then back to Nairobi. OVer 8 hours of flying. I was picking up a team of doctors in Mahale who had been there a week to do eye surgeries, particularly cataract treatments. The area around Mahale is largely muslim. Imagine the impact of a group of Christians coming in, and the doctor removing the bandages after cataract surgery and presenting the gospel…and now you see for the first time in years. Christ came and gave sight to the blind, and declared the gospel to those in prison. It was exciting to be able to play a little part in continuing that work.