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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
September 23, 2010 5:18 am
Published in: Ground

It’s official, I’m AIM Air’s Entebbe program manager. Now comes the real work…find a house, get moved, get the flight ministry alive and well.  Please pray for us!

September 13, 2010 12:12 pm
Published in: Ground

This post is, as the title suggests, just a bit of a news update.  I thought about calling it ‘random thoughts’ but that didn’t fit. “Random News” might work though.  So…here goes
Rift Valley Academy.  We dropped Alex off here a couple weeks ago to start 9th grade. The house has been a bit empty seeming since.  From the emails we’ve gotten from him, he’s having a pretty good time, and is getting settled in.  There have been a few things that he’s had to adjust to, but so far so good.

Sudan is in the rainy season.  I flew up to Bor, Duk Payuel, Jaibor, and Pieri week before last.  Rain all over the place.  Pieri, my one fuel stop, and the only fuel for about 200 miles, was covered in water.  Fortunately  the airplane was fairly light leaving Pieri, so I was able to take off safely, but it took some real work.

Mr Zebra.  The word we get from Gatab is that Manai is doing well with Mr Zebra. He’s had a couple contracts already, and is starting to understand about running a business.  The old land cruiser is performing well, we hear.

Entebbe. We’re still waiting for definitive word on moving there.  The regional executive  officer is due back this week, and hopefully will meet with the AIM Air director and we’ll get some real, well, direction.