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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
June 16, 2010 9:40 am
Published in: Flying

But not quite the way I planned to spend Saturday.  The plan was that I’d fly to Wamba, pick some doctors up who’d been there on a short term trip and bring them back to Nairobi.  So I show up at the hangar and start getting ready, when Jim Streit calls.  Jim, Mike DeLorenzo, Jerry Hurd, and a couple other folks had gone down to Magadi (about 40 miles southwest of Nairobi) to do some flying.  When they got down there and started setting up, they discovered that their airplane had sprung a leak!  There was oil all over it.  So I delayed a while until Jose Reyes, our lead turbine mechanic got in.  He started gathering parts and tools and I flew off to Wamba to pick the doctors. On my return I took Jose, along with Randy Gottfried and a bunch of oil, tools and parts to Magadi.

There, we found our lost sheep, waiting for rescue.  So, while Jose and Randy tore into the repair, the others took the plane I’d come down in and started with the flying they’d planned. 

I helped here and there with things, and around 3pm we finally loaded up to fly home.  The one plane still wasn’t fully fixed but it was OK for the hop home (less than 20 minutes, with lots of alternates).  I took all but the crew for the other plane and followed them back to Wilson.  Not what I had planned, but a fun day nonetheless.

June 8, 2010 9:21 am
Published in: Flying,Ground

Is my new nickname from the Orma people in Daba. I was there this weekend with the Scheenstras. Roger and Sue have been there in Daba for about 20 years now, working with the Orma, and I brought three of their children to visit during the RVA midterm break. I spent the weekend overhauling the brakes on his old (1977) Toyota Landcruiser. Then yesterday I brought all five of them to Nairobi.

Oh, molu, means “bald.” Roger assures me it’s a very honorable name among the Orma. However the lady who gave it to me was laughing…..