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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
February 17, 2010 5:03 am
Published in: Flying

Last week on Thursday I flew up to Loki on the DC-3, and then with Jim Streit, flew the Caravan to Juba to pick up several people, and then on to Chotbura.

The stop in Juba was MUCH smoother than the previous one. This time my passengers were SPLA officers, a Colonel, a Captain, and a Lieutenant. No troubles with paperwork this time.  That’s Col Deng there in the picture.

At Chotbura we let them all out, along with two passengers from Servant’s Heart. SH runs a clinic and a school in Chotbura and in nearby Daga Post. They’d had rumors of a couple of totally isolated and unreached villages north of Daga, and had gotten satellite photos and verified that the villages were there. Some work with mapping software and they worked out a route from Chotbura through a dry river bed to the area of the villages. Because of other rumors that the Orma (a tribe that’s mostly in nearby Ethiopia) they’d contacted the SPLA and asked for help. Thus my passengers from Juba. Col Deng and his men were along to provide security and to observe.

The DC-3 dropped off all their supplies…four motorbikes (they already had a couple in Chotbura) fuel, and other things, and we flew away. Servant’s Heart is off somewhere in south Sudan now, taking the gospel to people who’ve not had a chance to ever hear it before. Very very exciting. It was a privilege to be even a small part of that undertaking.

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