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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
February 17, 2010 5:01 am
Published in: Uncategorized

The first few days of February we flew up to Gatab and went camping with the folks on the mountain. Well, we flew up on the 31st of January, but the rest was in Feb. We had a good time Sunday….the flight was easy and smooth and no one got sick. It was fun seeing everyone in church at Gatab. They were all surprised to see us and it was fun to greet them and practice our swahili on them. I was pleasantly surprised that I mostly understood what they were saying.

After lunch with John and Becky Woodworth we loaded up in their truck and headed down the mountain to the lugga to camp. Jeff and Nicole Barnett came, as did Katharina Dych, and Tim and Sheryl Hines, and Tom and Karen Richardson. We had a grand big group. Jim and Barb Teasdale showed up on Tuesday.

The camping was fun. It was also a work camp. The Master’s Mission folks had decided to improve the campsite with a walled drop toilet and a walled shower, so that camping in future would be easier and not require setting up these things with poles and canvas. We got the choo (toilet) done, and got the floor poured for the shower. The walls for the shower will be the next trip some months from now. We also had plenty of time to sit around and chat and cook and eat good food. Generally great fun.

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