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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
December 18, 2009 7:39 am
Published in: Uncategorized

We’re all back at work. Susan is pressing the kids on school, much to their dismay. She is also coping with the vagaries of Nairobi water and plumbing. We’re having adventures, misadventures maybe a better term, with our water pump at the house. Yesterday she completely ran out of water because the pump is losing prime, and doesn’t pump air so well. The plumber came out and rigged a temporary solution, which we hope will function until we can dig up the tanks in the back yard and install the check valve at the base of the tanks (the old one has failed and is letting the water run back into the supply tanks rather than holding it at the pump).

Where is Jay in all this? Sudan, of course. Husbands are always gone when major systems break. It must be one of Murphy’s Laws. I flew up to Lokichogio with MAF on Thursday morning early, then took a team of evangelists to Bor, Sudan for meetings with the local pastors there in preparation for a crusade. We’ve had issues leaving the plane in Bor, however, so I hopped over to Werkok about 10 miles east, where there is a mission station, and spent the night here in Werkok. Yes, here. I’m on the internet from the middle of nowhere Sudan thanks to the wonders of modern satellite technology. Today I go back to Bor, pick the evangelists up and take them to Juba for another set of meetings , and then back to Lokichogio on Saturday. Monday and Tuesday I have flights to Sudan from Loki, and I’ll hop a ride back to Nairobi with another of our pilots on Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully the temp fix on the water pump will have held at least until then.

We’re back at work.

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