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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
May 24, 2009 3:37 am
Published in: Uncategorized

This past week we were in Kijabe for home school week.  Alex and Beth took the standardized tests, Samantha got to run around with the kindergarten class and Susan and I got to have some time off.  We stayed with the Paszalecks, who we came over to Kenya with back in 2007.  All in all, a very nice mini-vacation.

But…back at it. Monday we fly up to Lokichogio.  I’ll drop off Susan and the kids, pick up two people and some freight and take them to Boma, and probably stay the night.  The next day, I come back to Loki, pick up one person and more freight and go to a bunch of places…over eight hours in the air on Tuesday.  Then Wednesday is 6+ hours, and Thursday a mere 3.

Sometimes on the flights the passengers will talk about what they’re doing in these places.  Sometimes, they don’t want to wear a headset (they can be uncomfortable), which makes talking rather difficult.  It’s more like shouting than talking…the airplanes are very loud.  Usually when my passengers talk about the work they’re doing they talk about the people they work with.  Which is inevitable since those people are what the work is about.  And in the end the work is about making disciples of Jesus  Christ.  It’s occaisionally hard to see the connection between hauling 100 kg of rice and beans, a new tire, angle iron, and making disciples.  The connection is there, though.  My job is to support missionaries in difficult to reach places and get them the tools and supplies they need to live and work in remote locations.  And I’m very grateful they’re there.  I don’t begin to have the patience to do what they do.

As an aside, but related.  When we parked in front of Station Hall at Kijabe to register for home school week (we had the hangar’s ancient Toyota Corolla) we were one of a dozen cars parked there.  (Home school week is very popular…there were missionary families from 7 countries attending, and something like 50 kids.)  Anyway, of those dozen cars, we were the only car. The rest were Rover Defenders or Toyota Landcruisers.  One family we knew (from our time in Gatab), the Andersons, drove two days from Kalacha, over horrible roads.  I missed our Landcruiser.  The roads on Kijabe station aren’t all that great…we kept bottoming out the suspension and scraping the frame on the Corolla.  I hope such vehicles are still made ten years from now.  We’ll still need them.  It takes time to make disciples.

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