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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
May 1, 2009 5:53 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

At least that’s what I once thought.  Flying from Lokichogio has convinced me that short can be long, and long can be short.  In Gatab, a long flight was an hour (Gatab to Wamba).  Here, at Loki, a short flight is an hour.  A long flight is from Loki to Doro with stops and Yabus and Chotbora on the way home.  That was over three hours to Doro, fifteen minutes to Yabus a half hour to Chotbora and then three hours home.  Umm, long is still long.  It’s just longer now.  Yesterday’s flight also required me to fully fill the airplane’s main and aux fuel tanks and take two jerry cans of fuel along.  Over 480 liters of fuel…nearly 2 1/2 drums.

The flight to Yabus from Doro, though, explains it.  During the rainy season, you just can’t get from one place to the other. The road is over black cotton soil which turns to the worst sort of goo you’ve ever seen when it gets wet.  Even the airplanes get stuck on the runways from time to time, and we start every flight with calling our destination and asking, ‘Has it rained there? How hard, how long?’

Also, today, on another note we stepped back in time. Remember being taught in school that Roman soldiers used to be partially payed in salt?  Today I was asked to buy 20 liters of cooking oil and 2 boxes of bar soap for Pastor William in Nagashot.  The cooking oil made sense…it’s hard to get supplies up there. But two BOXES of soap? That’s about 50 pounds worth!  Then I found out that they use the soap to pay their workers there. Money does them no good…where do you spend it? There are no stores, and no way to get to a store.  You can’t drive to Nagashot.  You either fly or you walk 8 hours to the nearest town by the road.  They also sometimes pay in salt.  Jon Hildebrandt was telling me that they used to load the C-206 up with 200kg of salt and 200kg of soap and fly out to Nagashot…pay for the workers helping build the mission compound.

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