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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
April 20, 2009 2:13 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

Sudan is HUGE! I flew to Old Fangak and Pieri last Friday.  Three and a half hours each way, a bit more than 360 nautical miles, about 415 statute miles.  And that’s only up into the middle of South Sudan.

The flight was easy, and everything went very smoothly.  Old Fangak is only accessible by air, or by boat on a branch of the White Nile.  And with the rainy season starting, access at all either by boat or plane will get “iffy.”  When the rains swell the rivers they get dangerous and when the rains hit the runways the black cotton soil turns to glue that airplanes can barely move in, let alone take off from.  All that to say my passengers were glad to see me.

This week is looking slow so far.  A flight on Thursday out west to Yei, Nagashot and Napep.  Nagashot and Napep both require specific checkouts, due to restrictions on the airstrips.  Napep also has a bend in the middle of it and has some other complications.  Not bad once you see how but you definitely need someone to show you how the first time.  There’s a team of about 15 people in Napep, and the only ways into the village there are airplane, or foot. It’s about a 6 hour hike from Nagashot to Napep over rugged terrain.  This part of Sudan is mountainous, with few to no roads.  The team there is working with an unreached people group, and their first challenge is simply learning the language. It’s hard to share the gospel when you have a hard time simply saying “My name is….”  and being understood.

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