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March 18, 2009 3:03 am
Published in: Uncategorized

Victoria arrived Sunday, after a looong flight from California.  She managed to stay awake through the day until about 8:30 or so.  We did some grocery shopping in preparation for going north to Gatab, and also visited the animal orphanage in an effort to keep her awake.  So…a rather rough cure for jet lag but it mostly worked.  Sunday evening we met with several AIM Air folks for dinner at Awash, the ethiopian restaurant just down from the estates.  No atmosphere but good food and a chance for Vicki to meet some of our co-workers.

The next morning early (5:45) we got to Wilson and started getting the plane ready.  Three stops on the way north: Maralal to drop off one passenger and some driver licenses, Ngurunit for another passenger, and Kurungu to drop some groceries and poultry dust.  The poultry dust -reeks-.  The smell alone would be enough to keep the bugs away from the chickens I think.

That was monday. We did nothing else monday afternoon, Vicki was still a bit on the jet – lagged side.  Yesterday Jeff and Manai and I put up Jeff’s spare windmill.  Last week the hub on ours came apart and the propeller went flying off into the bush.  New hub and blades time.  Jeff had a spare though, so we put it up until parts arrive.

Today, nothing planned.  We’ll see what happens.

March 8, 2009 5:04 am
Published in: Uncategorized

Is what’s in Avgas so you know what it is.  It’s generally bad when the side of your airplane turns blue.  The right wing tank in my plane was blue the other day….I’d flown to Nairobi on a medevac, stayed the night and was going to go back the next day.  Umm, no.  There was blue staining all down the right side of the fuselage and on the floor under the plane.  The right main fuel tank sprang a leak.  So…off with the wing!  I took another plane the following day after helping with the minor inspection it was due for.  I came back down for the scheduled flight the next day and am still here.  My plane is -still- leaking.  Bah!  So, tomorrow I take a different plane up north.  The issue is with all the gaskets on the fuel tank…the surfaces we’re putting gaskets over aren’t flat which makes it very hard to get a  gasket to seal.  Then when you fill the plane full, the fuel leaks out.  Very annoying.

All credit to our maintenance department, though.  They’ve worked very hard to get the plane properly repaired and back in the air quickly. It’s just that sometimes the aircraft don’t cooperate.

The good news on all this is, though, that the airplane decided to break in Nairobi.  If this had happened in Gatab we’d have had a very difficult time of dealing with the issue. There’s just not the equipment or parts up north to deal with a major maintenance item like this.  God is good!  This has been a very inconvenient week, but much better inconvenient than competely stuck.

March 1, 2009 3:30 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

Big day, in kiswahili.  Pastor Job, the pastor here at Gatab was ordained as Bishop of the district to day at a big service in Korr.  I flew a few of the missionaries over and back.  Pray for him, he’s got a big job ahead. I think he’ll do very well, but the job is too big for anyone to do without God’s help.

The service was loooong, about 3 hours worth. Everyone had to get up and say their piece or sing their songs.  There were about a dozen choirs from various places, and of course all the bishops and pastors that flew up form Nairobi for the event had to be introduced.  I’d been telling Job for some weeks that we’d have to get him a proper bishop’s mitre, a thought he’d denied every time.  IT seems the ladies in the church heard me, because some of them put one together for him…

The new bishop and his mitre

The new bishop and his mitre

The flying was routine and easy today.  It was a good day to fly.