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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
December 18, 2008 2:46 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

must be able to:

  1. Stuff 12 cubic feet of stufff into a 10 cubic foot space (baggage pod of 206, luggage bay of 210).
  2. Chop down sisal trees.
  3. Tell passengers, “No you can’t take those 200 kg of bags with you and all these people on one flight.” Politely.
  4. Be terrified and not let your passengers notice.
  5. Not be ill when the guy next to you spends the whole flight filling a sick-sac.
  6. Refuel an airplane with a bucket and a funnel.
  7. Dodge goats.
  8. Dodge camels.
  9. Sit in a seat designed (apparently) by Torquemada for 8 hours and still be able to work the rudder pedals.
  10. Calculate weight and balance, shift cargo, recalculate, and still get off on time.
  11. Unload 5 people, their bags, refuel the plane, load 5 people their bags, calcluate that weight and balance all in 30 minutes.
  12. Understand 3 radios, and the intercom simultaneously. One of the radios is in swahili.
  13. Give the passenger emergency briefing without scaring the passengers silly.
  14. Find a runway you’ve never been to based on a map that was out of date when it was printed 20 years ago.
  15. Pray.
  16. Share the gospel. (You have a captive audience!)
  17. Fix a land rover.
  18. Land with a flat tire.
  19. Change a flat tire while the goats and herd boys watch (and laugh).
  20. Be cheerful when you can’t get home that night becuase your passengers are over an hour late. And dinner is goat stew and 3 day old chapaties.
  21. Give a passenger briefing to a Moroni (a Samburu or Turkana warrior) who’s never been in a car, let alone an airplane before, and who doesn’t speak a word of English.
  22. Rearrange the day’s flying schedule over the HF radio when you can only make out every other word.
  23. Love the people you’re flying around, even when they completely trash the schedule for the day.
  24. Fold maps.
  25. Unfold maps.
  26. Tie down anything in the airplane, including goats.

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