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Jay | Susan | Alex | Beth | Samantha
October 18, 2008 4:17 am
Published in: Uncategorized

The drive.  Just a reminder of why we fly.  I picked Mom up at Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi on Sunday morning.  Wonder of wonders, the plane was a half hour early.  I thought we’d get home about 9 or 10. Nope.  Home by 7am.  No traffic on the roads so the trip back from Jomo took about 15 minutes.  Immigration and customes went very fast and the luggage was all there waiting to be picked up.  Wow.

So.  Tuesday morning, bright and early we left Nairobi for Gatab.  We stopped in Nanyuki and had lunch at the airport there, at Barneys.  Then on to Maralal.  We left the pavement behind at Nanyuki, and we got into Maralal about 5:30pm.  It was a relatively easy drive.  Mom has a different opinion though…she was ready to fly after the first couple hours.  Oh well.  We did see a herd of elephants about halfway to Maralal, and lots of zebra, some ostiches, and a number of antelope.

The car performed well…always a concern when you leave all spare parts and assistance behind with the pavement.  The right rear wheel developed a squeal the first day out, so I pulled it apart at Yarre in Maralal.  Turned out that one of the keepers for one of the parking brake shoes had fallen apart and the remaining parts of the keeper were squealing against the drum.  New keeper time. I removed the shoes from the right parking brake for the rest of the trip.

Yarre is fun.  It’s more properly “Yarre Camel Club.”  About 12 cabins and a restaurant.  Very nice, and about 2 miles outside of Maralal proper, so very quiet and secure.  Ken and Sue Black came by that evening and joined us for dinner. They’re AIM missionaries who’ve recently shifted to Maralal to work with the Samburu in the area.  It was a fun evening.

Wednesday we made the rest of the trip, up the Maralal mountains and down the escarpment into Oparoi.  Going down the escarpment we met with a land rover with a flat. I tried to assist but the tire was too far gone to just air up.  One of the wheel studs had come free and we couldn’t get that lug nut off to remove the tire.  I’ll have to start carrying a cold chisel and hacksaw.  Anyway…the rest of the trip was without a problem.  We stopped in Kurungu to say ‘hi’ to the Maples and Middletons, and then finished up the trip to Gatab.

About 275 miles, about 6-8 hours in the US, two days here.  Or a two hour ride in the airplane.

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